A selection of talks completed by Verizon staff.

Infrastructure Automation at Verizon
Timothy Perrett at Hashiconf 2016
scala infrastructure
Enterprise Algebras
Timothy Perrett at Scala World 2016
scala functional
Scaling Recommendations with Scala and Spark
Diana Hu and Russel Horton at ACM Large Scale Recommender Systems RecSys 2016
scala data-science
Time Series Effects for TV Recommendations
Diana Hu ACM RecSysTv RecSys 2016
scala data-science
Roll Your Own Shapeless
Daniel Spiewak at Scala Days Berlin 2016
scala functional
Index your state for safer functional APIs
Vincent Marquez at Lambda Conf 2016
scala functional
Constraints Liberate, Liberties Constrain
Runar Bjarnason at Scala World 2015
scala functional
Building a Reasonable Expression DSL with Kleisli
Ryan Delucci at Scala By the Bay 2015
scala functional